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JavaScript and other code used: I used JavaScript, JQuery, and Ajax to dynamically load the project content (title, image, text description) from an XML file that I created. I also used JavaScript to change the navigation selections to highlight the current section. I also used it on the arrows to go to the next project in that section.

Server-side includes used: The header image and the footer are server-side includes, as are the navigation menus that are not changing on that page.

Mobile optimization: I used User Agent detection in JavaScript to determine if a mobile phone was being used and then sent that device to the mobile html page. I removed half the projects and all JavaScript code except the User Agent detecting script. I also made the images much smaller dimensions and optimized them in Photoshop. Since the projects are the main focus, I put them all on one page so they can be scrolled through easily and all load at once. The mobile site is optimized for a 480px x 640px display (iPhone4).

Password protected directory: Enter Here >> User: bob >> Password: password

All content, including visuals and code are original creations by Ben Acevedo. Typefaces courtesy of Google Web Fonts. Some code modified from class we developed in class.